4 Best Landing Page Software to Boost your Conversion

Your website is your homebase that helps you provide information about your businesses to visitors. However, when it comes to “Conversion”, your website may not be the best option as it normally has many (too many) options for visitors.

And according to Hick’s law, with every additional choice increases the time required to take a decision.

This is the main reason why you need “Landing Page” which is a conversion focused web page that is built for a specific purpose like lead generation or sales.

In this article, I will share with you famous landing page software that help you build your landing page easily and effectively.

Pick one of them, integrate it with your strategy and I guarantee that your conversion rate will definitely be higher than relying on your website alone.

Why you need landing page software?

Let’s start with why.

To focus on conversion

Landing page doesn’t exist to help you showcase your fancy work or help you build a beautiful website. But it is specifically built to help you convert your customers.

Apart from helping you build your landing page easily, some of the software providers offer features like Dynamic text replacement (that helps show text on your landing page based on texts on your Google ads) and Heat Map (that helps you see how people interact with your landing page visually) to help you get better results.

With landing page software, your conversion rate will be much higher than relying solely on your website.

To test and iterate faster

When it comes to conversion, testing is key.

Most landing page software offer a lot of conversion focused templates for various objectives (i.e. lead generation, click through or sales). So if you just want to duplicate templates and change colors fonts and contents, it could be done in a few hours, not days.

Apart from that, all landing page software has a built-in A/B Testing feature that helps you test, analyze and optimize your landing pages automatically.

Landing page software recommendation criteria


The sole purpose of using landing page is to get better conversion. Recommended software should have features that serve the purpose.

Ease of use

Recommended software should have good user experience and user interface.


Recommended software should provide various conversion focused templates to help you build a landing page quickly


There are a lot of things small businesses have to invest already. Landing page software should not cost you an arm and a leg.


This is one of the most important criteria for landing page software as, after converting leads, data should automatically be sent to other software like email marketing software, CRM or payment software. Recommended software must play well with others.

Best landing page software in the market that will help boost your conversion

There are not a lot of dedicated landing page software in the market as there are a lot of alternatives (many website builders and content management system software can be used to build landing pages) and it’s used for very specific tasks (like lead generation) Therefore, The ones I’m going to recommend in this article will be really good, good enough to be paid for and to make them create profitable business.

Pick one of the followings and I assure that your conversion rate will skyrocket!

1. Instapage

Instapage, as stated on its home page, is the most powerful landing page experience platform for marketing teams and agencies.

It has helped companies like Vodafone, Verizon, eBay, Skyscanner succeed in converting leads.

Why Instapage is one of the best landing page software?

1. User Experience

Based on my experience, what’s best about Instapage is its User Experience; it’s so easy to build a highly converting landing page in the platform whether from scratch or from prebuilt templates.

2. Features & Integrations

Other notable features that make Instapage standout are dynamic text replacement, read time collaboration and heatmap technology (as far as I know, other software in this article don’t offer such features).

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Dynamic text replacement matches messages on your website with keywords or demographics. For example, if someone searches for the phrases ‘the best ergonomic office chair’, he/she will also see the message ‘the best ergonomic office chair’ on your landing page which would help boost your conversion.

Instapage also integrates with a lot of software in various categories like CRM, Email Marketing software and Marketing Automation Software.

If you can’t find your tech stack in Instapage‘s integration list, I recommend you to go take a look at Zapier (which is a software connector that helps you integrate with more than 1,000 reputable apps) to see whether your software integrates with it.

If you can’t find your software in Zapier, they may not play well with others and you may want to look for alternatives

Read more: How to choose right software for your business

What are the things you should consider before purchasing Instapage?

Despite all these benefits, there are two things that you should take into consideration before purchasing the software;

1. Features

Even though Instapage is packed of great features like dynamic text replacement, read time collaboration and heatmap technology, it lacks the built-in feature that could significantly improve your conversion, which is a lead generation software like (Exit Intent) Pop ups, Sticky Bars and Slide Ins.

If you don’t mind paying extra for this feature, Instapage integrates with some famous lead generation software like OptinMonster (starting from $9 per month) and Sumo (starting from $39 per month).

2. Positioning.

If you go to its pricing page and read through it, you will agree with me that Instapage isn’t built for solopreneurs or small business owners but for agencies and corporates.

Its core plan, which starts from $99 per month, is limited to 30,000 unique visitors per month and 30 published landing pages which is surely not enough for serious marketers. If you decide to kick start with its core plan, soon enough, you will realize that you will need a higher plan; in this case, the enterprise plan. You will have to request a demo as they don’t show the price on the website. And whenever you need to ‘request a demo’, it will surely be expensive.

You can start using Instapage for free for 14 days. After that, it starts from $99 per month if paid yearly.

2. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the most famous landing page platforms in the market helping you convert more leads and sales from your ad spend. It has more than 15,000 customers including these famous companies; Hootsuite, Vimeo, Campaign Monitor and Thomson Reuters.

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The reason why it named its brand “Unbounce” was that they wanted to help stop your site visitors from bouncing off your site – Nice one, I have to say!

Why Unbounce is one of the best landing page software?

What I like about Unbounce is its flexibility.

Even though Its pre-built templates are already beautiful and conversion focused, you can customize or add some unique elements within Unbounce to make it best matched with your brand by adding custom HTML, CSS or Javascript.

Apart from landing pages, You can also build Popups and sticky bars within the platform to increase your conversion.

Its pricing, which starts from $79 per month, is also straightforward. And in my opinion, its most basic plan (Essential Plan) includes everything you need to conversion your leads better (it comes with 75 published landing pages & 8 published popups and sticky bars).

What are the things you should consider before purchasing Unbounce?

Despite all these benefits, there are two things that you should take into consideration before purchasing the software;

1. Integration

Unbounce doesn’t offer a lot of native integrations; it only integrates natively with Activecampaign, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, MailChimp Marketo, Salesforce, Unsplash, WordPress, Zoho CRM, PieSync and Zapier

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Even though it doesn’t have a lot of native integrations, you can use Zapier to push leads converted in Unbounce to more than 1,000 software. Noting that if you convert a lot of leads every month, you may have to pay for Zapier subscription too.

And if you don’t want to push (one-way) but sync (two-way) data between Unbounce and other software, Piesync can help you do the job.

2. Ease of use

Unbounce is often compared to Instapage as both are the leaders in this field. In my opinion, when it comes to ease of use in the backend, Unbounce‘s user experience and user interface are not as good as Instapage; which means that you and your team will need a while learning how to use the platform.

You can start using Unbounce for free for 30 days. After that, it starts from $79 per month if paid yearly.

3. Landingi

When comparing landing page software, Landingi is often mentioned along with Instapage and Unbounce. As stated on its website, Landingi considers itself to be a landing page builder for non-programmers.

Apart from offering software, this Poland-based software vendor also offers landing page design & development services for its clients.

Why Landingi is one of the best landing page software?

There are a lot of things I like about Landingi;

1. Pricing

Unlike Instapage and Unbounce, Landingi‘s pricing is much more small business friendly as it starts from $29 per month. With this price, you can have access to its essential features like landing page builder, Google fonts integration (and ability to upload custom font), landing page versioning and email marketing software integration.

If you need more features like CRM Integration, Marketing Automation software integration Popups or A/B Testing, you can upgrade to the higher plans ranging from $49 to $185

If you are looking for landing page software that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, Landingi is definitely one of the good options you should consider.

2. White Label Option

In this list, Landingi is the only software that allows you to white label it completely. If you sign up for its white label plan (which costs you $185 per month if paid yearly), you will be able to white label its backend & all outgoing emails sent from the Landingi platform.

3. Unlimited Everything

Even its least expensive plan, you can have unlimited published landing pages, send unlimited traffics and convert as many leads. You will never have to pay for extra published landing pages or spike traffics again.

What are the things you should consider before purchasing Landingi?

Even though I like Landingi a lot, it’s not flawless and definitely isn’t built for everyone;

1. Its backend

From my experience, Landingi‘s backend is quite slow when compared to other platforms. This may not be a problem if you want to build just one or two landing pages. However, if you need many of them for A/B Testing purpose, this will make you less productive.

2. Its knowledge base and resources

Compared to other software in this list, its knowledge base and resources aren’t as good. My guess is that it started as a local company (as told previously, it is Poland based) so Polish market (and language) is still its main focus.

To conclude, I think Landingi is suitable for small businesses as it’s relatively cheaper compared to Instapage and Unbounce. It’s also built for agencies as it offers the white label option.

You can start using Landingi for free for 14 days. After that, it starts from $29 per month if paid yearly.

4. Leadpages

Leadpages is another popular landing page software in the market. As stated on its homepage, Leadpages considers itself to be more than just a landing page software as it doesn’t just convert you more leads but also, more customers.

Why Leadpages is one of the best landing page software?

As previously mentioned, it’s because Leadpages is more than just a landing page software.

Apart from landing page builder, Leadpages also offers checkout page (integrated with Stripe) and Facebook & Instagram Ads Integration (so that you can buy Facebook Ads right in the platform).

Another thing worth mentioning is that Leadpages owns Drip, a famous marketing automation platform. So after you convert leads with Leadpages, you can nurture and close sales with Leadpages.

So if you are a marketer looking for a landing page software that goes beyond that, you may want to consider Leadpages.

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Leadpages offers unlimited pages, traffics, leads, pop-ups and alert bars in every plan.

What are the things you should consider before purchasing Leadpages?

As a landing page software, Leadpages isn’t as feature-rich as the previously mentioned software as it lacks features like dynamic text replacement and heatmaps.

Apart from that, It’s not possible to use Google fonts or upload custom fonts to the platform. For small businesses or bloggers, this may not be a big issue. But for bigger businesses that have their corporate identity (meaning that fonts, colors and layouts are all set and can’t be used randomly), this probably drives them away.

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Font library is really an important matter. This is based on my true experience as I run an agency that serves mostly enterprise clients. When it comes to landing page software selection, Leadpages is usually left out because of this reason.

You can start using Leadpages for free for 14 days. After that, it starts from $25 per month if paid yearly. We also have an in-depth Leadpages review. You can more about it here.


If you are already using CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, there are plugins that can help you build landing page easily like Elementor, Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder.

In my opinion, these plugins are as good as the famous landing page software that I mentioned. Plus, it’s relatively cheaper. However, the learning curve of using these plugins is steeper (as you need to know how to use WordPress too) and they are all self-hosted which means you have to maintain everything yourself.

Other website builder software like Wix or Weebly also have built-in landing page feature. Comparing to WordPress, these are easier to use and they manage the platform for you so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

Some email marketing software like MailChimp, GetResponse and Mailerlite also offer basic landing page feature.

Good Read: Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses.

If you are an enterprise user that wants all-in-one marketing & sales stack in one place, marketing automation software like HubSpot Marketing Hub, Marketo or Salesforce Marketing Cloud already have landing page feature included in the platform.

5 Tips on Making Your Landing Pages Convert Leads Better

1. Focus Focus Focus!

Your landing page should be built with only ONE goal in mind.

lead generation, contact, book a demo or sales, you need to pick only one because if you are trying to ask users to do everything, they will eventually do nothing and leave your site.

2. A/B Testing

Green button or Red button, which one is better?

The answer is “no one knows”. The only way to know is to test variables so that you will see which one coverts better, statistically. My recommendation on A/B Testing is that, when you conduct a test, you should test one variable at a time so that you will fully understand what makes your conversion rate goes up.

If you want to know how big your sample size should be and how long you should run your test, you can check it here.

3. Give and Take

Before you take, you first have to give.

A landing page that doesn’t provide any value will not help you convert leads effectively. So before you ask visitors to take action you want them to take, you must give something valuable like lead generation offers (eBooks, Checklists of Templates) or discounts.

If you don’t have the special offers above, you need to pitch your products or services with good copywriting.

4. Form Fields

Imagine that you visit a landing page that promises you to give something valuable in exchange with your contact information that includes name, email, number, company size, position, services provided, interest and budget.

That’s a lot and you would agree with me that its conversion rate of this landing page is not high.

It doesn’t need that you shouldn’t ask for these information. My advice is that you just need to ask for them at the right time.

If your landing page visitors just know you and want to download premium resources you offer, you will only need information that will help you get to know them better and be able to personalize your communication messages to be better suit with their interests (like position or interests).

But if your main goal is to get landing page visitors to book a demo with you or get free consultation, you should ask for information that helps qualified leads; at this stage, you don’t want as many people as possible to contact you but only the ones that would buy from you. For this case, I think it’s okay to ask for as much information as needed. If visitors need to spend more time or fill more information on your landing page and they still complete that, it shows their intents; they are willing to discuss businesses with you and listen to what you have to offer.

5. Call-to-action

You are trying very hard to generate traffic to your landing page. Don’t let them leave without doing anything you want them to do.

Apart from trying to attract people to visit your landing pages, you have to call (them) to (take) action.

It’s better not to let them guess and tell them what to do.


In this article, I covered 4 most famous landing page software in the market; Instapage, Unbounce, Landingi and Leadpages. Pick one, use it right and you will surely get better conversion.

If you already use website builder software like WordPress, Wix or Weebly, they also offer landing page building solutions that you can use as alternatives. And if you are an enterprise user that wants landing page software as one of your all-in-one marketing & sales stack, enterprise software like HubSpot Marketing Hub, Marketo or Salesforce Marketing Cloud are the ones you should consider.

And finally, regardless of software you use, don’t forget to 1. Focus on ONE goal 2. Always conduct A/B testing 3. Give something before you take 4. Only ask for information needed 5. Never forget your call to action.

Over to You

Do you have any other great landing page software to recommend me and SoftwareWise readers? and do you have any advices on building landing pages that convert? Please share your thoughts in the comment!

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